Discover the Ultimate Collection of Mouthwatering Tasso Ham Recipes

True pig aficionados will gladly extol the merits of tasso ham until their cattle return home. Tasso ham, which is succulent, salty, and delicate, is superior pork trimmed from the pig’s shoulder blade. It offers everyone a genuinely luxurious and silky ham experience.

Typically, Tasso ham is prepared in the cajun manner, incorporating an abundance of garlic, seasonings, and red pepper.

However, that is not the entirety of the matter. There is an extensive repertoire of delectable dishes that can be prepared using tasso ham. Please refer to our recommended ham recipes for a consistently appetizing ham dish.

1. Smoke Your Recipe for Tasso Ham

Before you can incorporate tasso ham into any culinary creation, you must first master the discipline of making it from scratch.

The distinctive method of smoking imparts a smoky flavor to Tasso ham. Having mastered this technique at your residence will guarantee success.

This indispensable guide will demonstrate how to create tasso ham from the beginning. After mastering this step, you are free to experiment with any ham recipes that captivate your interest.

Tamso Ham Jambalaya (2)

It is impossible to compile a manual on preparing tasso ham without incorporating a recipe for jambalaya, the quintessential soul cuisine of the Louisiana region. This comprehensive Jambalaya recipe from D’Artagnan may appear difficult at first, but it is well worth the effort.

Although it is essential to incorporate the sausage and seafood, the tasso ham truly steals the spotlight. Tasso ham jambalaya is an appetizing dish that consistently garners positive reception.

3. Ham Tasso Soup

A substantial portion of tasso ham gives any broth, chowder, or bisque the gratifying enhancement that it requires. In anticipation of the brisk winter evenings, you will require a broth recipe that can sustain you until the arrival of spring.

The bean soup recipe shared by the Instagram soul food chef @Louisiana_Woman is phenomenal; it calls for an abundance of diced tasso ham. Practically nothing can go wrong with that.

4. Ham and Tasso Pasta

While preparing tasso ham, one may observe that its flavor, marbling, and texture resemble those of Italian meat staples like prosciutto and pancetta.

It is therefore unsurprising that a plethora of recipes exist for traditional Italian pasta dishes featuring tasso prosciutto, such as carbonara. Although there are numerous excellent examples, we have determined that Kenneth Nolan’s NOLA carbonara is the most deserving.

5. Tasso, Shrimp, and Grits

It would be unequivocally incorrect to discuss tasso ham without acknowledging the quintessential southern delicacy of shrimp and grits. Louisiana-style shrimp and grits invariably incorporate tasso ham, frequently in the form of a sauce.

Even though preparing shrimp and grits can be a labor of affection, the proper formula will get the job done. We recommend Bon Appetit’s shrimp and grits recipe, which makes extensive use of that delicious, sweet tasso ham, to soul food novices.

Further Recipes to Enjoy

Now that you have discovered a successful tasso ham recipe, it is time to continue your education. We have classic Italian recipes to suit the preferences of every member of the family. Today, be certain to peruse our delectable pasta recipes.