Sparkling Solutions: Professional Commercial Window Cleaning Services in London

For a while now, we have intended to offer our business cleaning clients window cleaning services. We were aware that we couldn’t haste, though. We have trained our cleaners to deliver excellent service to both our personal and business clients since we know that our cleaning customers expect nothing less.

Hence, we employed the same care and attention when looking for cleaning contractors to conduct our window cleaning services as we do in your businesses and residences. We investigated each and every window cleaner in London, met with them, and talked about our plans to offer window cleaning services to our clients. We wanted to make sure that the window cleaning companies we hired could deliver every window cleaning service our customers require to keep their businesses looking wonderful and that they met our customers’ high expectations.


As you can expect, it took some time to discover the ideal window cleaners. Even though we wanted to start offering our window cleaning services right away, we understood we had to hire the correct personnel first. We finally did. And we can now give your company’s exterior the same care and consideration that we give its interior.

Our London business window cleaning services

We’re quite proud of our window cleaning service because we made sure we could handle any cleaning that was required. Also, we have made it simple for you to add this service to your current Cleaning Express cleaning package. Simply give the Cleaning Express call center a call, and one of our staff members will arrange for window cleaning to be added as a separate cleaning service and to be done on a schedule that works for your company. Cleaning Express offers a variety of business window cleaning services, including:


Window cleaning services using a water-fed pole

Using water-fed poles, our window cleaners can access the sixth floor of a commercial building. As opposed to having to hire a cherry picker to reach high windows, this service is far more economical and environmentally friendly.

Our window cleaners are professionals at this job, but it does require a lot of expertise and practice to perform well. Your windows will be immaculately clean and gorgeous in no time. This is a great choice for any commercial building that is under 75 feet tall. We can clean the glass panels, facades, and roofs on your building using the water-fed pole as well. As a result, your company’s exterior will be pristine and ready to receive guests or potential consumers.


Standard window cleaning

The quickest and least expensive solution for some business areas, such as ground floor offices, shops, restaurants, pubs, etc., is standard window cleaning. The process is fairly quick, and our expert window cleaners have years of experience using this equipment. They make window cleaning appear simple and uncomplicated. But if you’ve ever attempted it, you know it’s not at all simple.

We’ll also clean the interior of your windows using this kind of window cleaning. Hence, don’t be shocked if our window cleaners arrive with both the water-fed pole and conventional window cleaning tools. They will quickly and safely clean the outer windows using the water-fed pole before finishing the job inside using the standard window cleaning tools.

Utilizing a cherry picker and a rope access

We have a variety of cherry pickers and platforms that we can utilize for the work if the water-fed pole or other traditional window cleaning methods cannot provide us access to your windows. If necessary, we may also abseil down the building to clean your windows.

For these tasks, we have devoted, well-trained window cleaners. They will be carried out professionally, carefully, and with the utmost regard for the area and the local residents. Planning is more involved with this kind of window washing than with other services. So, it is recommended to get in touch and schedule it as soon as you can if your windows need to be cleaned soon and you believe you might need a cherry picker or abseiling window cleaners.

Extra services for cleaning the outside

Our cleaners can also clean your gutters, facades, and any external paneling you may have in addition to cleaning your windows. Hence, we can make sure that the exterior of your commercial property is stunning. We can guarantee that the inside of your business appears just as nice as the outside thanks to our routine cleaning services.

Getting our window cleaning services scheduled

It’s simple to make a window cleaning reservation with Cleaning Express. Simply call our friendly call center to schedule a session. You can also select a rolling plan for your windows, in which case our cleaners will visit frequently to maintain their excellent condition.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure of which window cleaning service is best for your office building. Call Cleaning Express, and we’ll walk you through all of your options and suggest a window cleaning company based on the details you supply. Then, we may schedule a one-time window cleaning for you or develop a rolling window cleaning schedule for you.

Do we also provide residential window cleaning services?

We do, indeed. Our window cleaning services are available to domestic customers as well, just like the rest of our cleaning services. We can perform one-time window cleans as an add-on to services like thorough cleans and end-of-tenancy cleans, or we can perform our window cleaning services as regularly as is necessary.

Please get in contact if you have any questions about the new window cleaning service offered by Cleaning Express. We’ll be pleased to provide you with a price for our window cleaning services from one of our friendly contact center employees. Also, we can provide gutter, facade and outside panel cleaning for both business and residential clients. Hence, for all of your window cleaning needs, Cleaning Express is now your one-stop shop.