Market next to the bus station in Yangon will be allowed to hire illegal construction of small shops selling approved by the Mayor of Yangon City Development Committee Chairman Maung Maung Soe said.

“Build a small shop next to the bus station properly now. Like everything children. However, not everything The betel and tobacco does not sell, “said Maung Maung Soe said the mayor.

The shops will be around 5 feet area include USB ports to charge the phone’s Wifi Free anchor is used. The shop will be able to apply for rent to anyone interested.

“The Chamber’s Public Garden, Pyay example of fair value on the stop shops. These small shops located near the bus stop on the same platform, “the Yangon City Development Committee (5) Ma May Lane said.

She’s planning to rent shops rental rate, A number of shops were built specifically set yet. Shop construction costs, the cost of about 20 million.

This program will be implemented soon Yangon Payment System (YPS) card system did take. These shops will fare payment cards will be sold.

Go up to the initial plan, the bus stops are promoting. The presence of more than 1,800 bus stops in Yangon.