Ohio Hu Roi (7) in the city of grade four to ten weeks (Diesel Pippet) animals held in the country last Saturday after an auction of his piglet auction. That triggered a decision at auction sacred year.

Media City is a teenage boy and his piglet (11,000 dollars) for the greatest benefit and the money received at auction, a children’s hospital donated ten heard. Auction So who received money donated St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital, was able to make a decision.

Huron Country Fair Large Animal Sale at auction of those ten dollars piglet (500) and started at a quick pace. Finally, this recovery is its piglet ($ 15,000) and sold at auction. (9) of the ten-year-old since The cows are going to continue to go up for auction and is expected to donate his money every day, this mother of ten expected.

The ten family planning visit St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the toys that children who suffers from the disease, The game will also donate ten’s mother said.

“This recovery is pushed St.Jude cancer kindness can change the lives of other children having donation is not age restricted proves” the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, regional executive director Cynthia (Cynthia Gardner).

Ref: CNN “A 12-year-old boy raised $15000 at a country fair’s pig auction. Then he gave it to St.Jude.”