If honey and drink up early in the morning, when there is no food in the abdomen is the most suitable time to drink honey. Or about two hours before eating dinner, and can drink during their time toward the end of the night.

Adult person per day honey should drink no more than two tablespoons. The amount of prescription once a hot drink lukewarm water, pure honey and a glass of white spoon (the size of a teaspoon).

Long-cooled juice should be drunk immediately.

Suitable to drink honey

(1) breastfeeding mothers

In just delivered fresh milk and honey should be eaten. Especially when maternity blood mixed with honey. Drink. Women should drink honey during menstruation period.

(2) cancer patients

Bone cancer and cancer patients with pure natural honey seasoned wood folded silk powder and the like, the amount of a teaspoon spoon. with a rate of three times a day, half an hour before or after a meal in half an hour after drinking.

When drink, drink a glass of cold water (not ice water and hot water.)

(3) Heat bronchitis

Honey, because heat because heat proof, should be able to drink honey Should not doubt that.

In fact, you can drink. Heat honey and squeeze the juice through a sore throat from the heat by drinking.. Lost.

(4) people who cough

Stick for a cup of honey. This is your first time in the morning to drink up before you eat, nothing Hot water into a glass of white put a hand Tea spoon tablespoon honey drink. Mix dry it out. Then turn a blind eye, Honey cough through the long, Or mixed with lemon juice to drink..

(5) for children aged one year and older

(K) Children mucus Maybe it’s difficult if mixed with honey and lemon juice..

(B) children are diarrhea, Diarrhea and food with a little honey.

(C) honey is able to control the strength of the children who were away from the bed near the night to feed honey to prevent infuse.

(D) Children near twitch. Can be fed honey still life.

(E) s, Children worm food with pineapple and honey.. Or mixed with honey and coconut milk..

Suitable to drink honey

(1) less than a year old infant children, Microorganisms in honey called Clostridium bacteria, many small positions. The adult’s digestive tract and the bacteria can digest well in children’s digestive tract blood clot. Food poisoning can be agony.

So in less than a year old infant children should not feed honey (not completely).

(2) pregnant

Botulinumtoxin (honey) in a kind of toxic bacteria from waste materials are pregnant, you should drink honey Most do not agree about whether to split. After age dropped into a honey drink, The poison contained in the physiological processes of the body, honey Botulinumtoxin often automatically saga. Therefore, pregnant women can drink honey. Conceived, can also be a complete disaster. But most mothers while pregnant tend to rise in the amount of sugar in the blood. Honey well because there is a high amount of sugar Fructose and honey in pregnancy may be the safest.

(3) patients with diabetes

Honey Fructose and Glucose, which are equally filled. Therefore, in patients with diabetes and blood sugar from eating honey, people that have a problem particularly careful to avoid.

(4) Weight Loss overview

Honey and brown sugar (natural sugar) and compare it to the amount of a teaspoon spoon of honey are calculated, there are 22 calories, There are 16 calories in sugar. So honey calories caused wishing to lose weight, you should not drink honey.

With honey and lemon drink next Healthy

Hot water into a glass of white honey and lemon juice and a teaspoon to spoon got up this morning. What should drink before, there is no food inside.

Honey and drink throughout the day by giving food to assimilate, From bowel slimy gleet Refined comfort in the large intestine, Weight, Stress should be satisfied, Rising to improve immunity, Rotten clean Urology. Oral teams exude scent Body odor, to prevent it from A liquid crystal on the court, the health benefits will become available.

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(September 25) 2015