The length of “Love, Hate ”

“Surfaces, Make voice heard “

“I hate new oral oral”

“Hate the sin, If you love, Dear Facilitating ”

“I still hate speech”

Lee says “I absolutely hate”

It is love and there are many sayings about the vocabulary. They want to enjoy love. They want to receive love. Man’s face was called up. Pierce opened the face of power, they say. Pierce Pali term rendered’s love.

People interact with Over time, the same time I had to go. To interact with a popular Fathers was random. fortunately easily take place,. So began the intention to make people love themselves. A popular way to enable the writing of the “treatise on logic,” Well, I was out to a number of books.

The light was little read, Prime Minister U Nu’s “copy chief Bala commentator” popular Fathers described how to make roads book. The first name of “How to” Zaw. Later this name of the book is too mature. The purpose of eyebrows should activate Kan was criticized by a “copy shield commentator,” Pali it has to change the name.

It was the popularity of this book. Relationships between men and convenient ways that would make How popular will before recommend roads instruction book. It is important to the method described in this book if you want to “popular Fathers Smile”. Yes. Smiling again as popular as all hell. Even the words of the young, instantly liked to walk in the right smile too.

Success say. Brother, a writer who spent before “genuine” and that. “My smile let the art. That was great. ” E glass works have been beneficial. Descriptive style of composition is a good writer, if you see this memorable success.

Some fear even smile at us. Always a smile “no moral was low enough to” smile. People would love to smile. Do not smile, How to love people who can not laugh anymore. Of course he is very much. I try, drew some Chit Khin. Pierce called a special power.

Pierce Theikdi teachers were judged the world. There are many successful. The divide still Konbaung “silk” had. 0]} Pierce ribbon judgment skills if potent.

However, the share of products want to upper way thing. Whenever Karma, Whatever Karma Single period, Divide the young princes ‘Daw’ favorite card. Daw silk Pierce Theikdi nine pairs.

This presentation will give Pierce are potent judge a philosophy major at ဿျ sheets. Pierce Theikdi really craving for love affairs of members to develop applications do not interact in a loving, Thoroughfare to flourish, Economic function, just use the opportunity to push the like.

The face of this open bid just before Burma world power we use the same technology and how to work and shelter innocence. The smell of his birthday to be a decent and graceful young children carry toy times. Ages on how successful they remain so today.

Like Easy Anyone could make a reservation I would like to display.

1. Sunday children about the “white vote” signals “rat toy” and must no longer carry the body.

2. Monday a new “children” taking in about a joint “toy” and must no longer carry the body.

3. Tuesday the children a “counselor” about a joint body of the ‘dragon’ and must no longer carry it.

4. Wednesday children “feel” about a joint must carry an “body right away.

5. Thursday the children “tamarind” about a joint body ‘sex toy’ and must no longer carry it.

6. Friday children in the hands of the rich “new” about a joint body “ၤ toy lions,” and must no longer carry it.

7. The children from the “past” about a joint body of a “toy” and must no longer carry it.
This should, according to the breadth of wood with a dog and you must clean the dog wash. Then three more. 37 nine times Mann attributes. must recite seven times. Chant and must be activated before. (Fours consumers eat more meat, especially pairs. Read the offer powerful)

Here, according to the respective number of the same hand signals simply could not wipe out the special attributes of the statue because he asked why chant offer meaningful.

“If physical job in order to beautify the special attributes of the image,” she, Paint and activated as well.

Reported that the statue of Pierce Theikdi reporting a positive life. In fact, the statue is a statue physical abilities could take power. Who actually had forgotten the dog at home left. After a journey to this destination is popular Fathers All rely on to succeed as nobody there.

The easiest way life must rely on a diet of love. Loving creature divine beings can be sent. I gotta, Quarter of wild animals living in the towns, we bless and safe when. Without disruption. The human spirit was found in the loving help.

Do not forget to bless every day

Please remember, we bless. Everyone will find yourself face to face with someone. Number six, the word “Peace” healthy, but the enormous power Theikdi. Bless his physical appearance crystal a result, the all loving.

Pierce’s good if you bring your dog for potent. Each time, remember bless practices Pierce also been a more potent.

Select Zeya total- Happy


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