Sometimes the dress, are false, it is necessary to recall. K seem to wear style pants and a pink shirt with boys seem ailments.

Kwee page is a cautious not to wear clothes We will tell a small point.

(1) shirts and pants to wear

Some older people still wear shirt still found the time. Shirts Common mistakes tunics over pants hanging down.

If you are no longer a 13-year-old shirt, long-sleeved Add to short pants, it is best to wear.

(2) pants pocket

Yes. Clothing must be careful when you wear pants pocket.

Keys phone, Many of your pants pocket wallet.

Short, Although wearing pants pocket if inflation will break my style.

(3) suit black only for daily wear

If a uniform suit uniform wear does not have to wear a suit if black daily.

blue, Gray, Red jacket orange, put together with the pink pants. It’s good to see a very style fell.

The chain is a medium-bright suit suit does not recommend that you agreed to buy.

(4) pink shirt

Usually pink girl’s thought. So many boys often Avoid wearing pink clothes.

But some of the dressing pink shirts for boys and girls’ ability to attention and shape.

As boys wear pink clothes, self-confidence, according to the local view is not afraid to grow. That is why I do not be afraid to wear pink.

(5) jeans supervisor

Boys his age and should be matched to a pair of jeans. Exactly matched to a pair of jeans jacket bound to get pretty good.

K jeans very compact, ginger, or too bloated to buy jeans.

Color jeans, Or a design very early to avoid the wear jeans to suggest.

Source: Bright Side