According to statements made by the US business magazine Forbes year 2019 the world’s highest earning soccer players led by Barcelona striker Mexico is the first from the list.

After his closet Jury striker Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain striker is always independent.

Today kwee page from the salary list of the 12 highest-paid footballer in the world will be displayed.

(1) Mexico – $ 127 million

Source: ABC

Salary bonus – $ 92 million

Signed Bronze – $ 35 million

The main sponsors – Adidas, Gatorade, Lays, Pepsi, Ooredoo, Mastercard, Jacobs & Co.

Barcelona striker Mexico 2017 squad, has signed a new contract. This treaty, Barcelona will be maintained until 2021 an annual salary of about $ 80 million estimated.

The contract with Adidas sponsored life. Mexico’s worth compared folded . If the works contract issues will Mexico’s income are more likely to have.

(2) Ronaldo – $ 109 million

Source: AS English

Salary bonus – $ 65 million

Signed Bronze – $ 44 million

The main sponsors – Nike, Herbalife, Altice, DAZN, MTG, Electronic Arts, CR7 line of denim, underwear, footwear, fragrance, hotels and gyms.

Portugal star striker Ronaldo’s Real Madrid team through 9 years after Juan was transferred to the Vietnam Association in 2018. Ronaldo arrived in the team jersey over 520000 sold out within 24 page.

Ronaldo has won FIFA Play of the Year award 5 times throughout the history of the Champions League Top Goalscorer history.

(3) – $ 105 million

Source: Okezone Bola

Salary bonus – $ 75 million

Signed Bronze – $ 30 million

The main sponsors – Nike, Red Bull, EA Sports, Mastercard, Gaga Milano, Gillette, Beats by Dre, DAZN.

The Brazilian striker was transferred from Paris Saint-Germain team 2017. Throughout the history of its transfer of $ 263 million as the maximum documented.

Ronaldo then social networking is the second most well-known players.

The following year ($ 33 ​​million), (32.5 million), laugh Sun (30.8 million), (30.6 million), Brazil (30.2 million), Oscar (29 million) and the Grace of the invention (27.7) stands out.