Just last week, McGregor, the former UFC two-weight champion, announced his retirement. Fans were surprised by McGregor’s announcement, who is still only 30 years old, and expressed their views.

Regarding McGregor’s retirement, his last opponent, Namagomidov, said this. “Tomorrow, he will say that he has returned to the world of martial arts. All the media will write about this. McGregor wanted it to be that way. He has yet to sign a deal with the UFC. So I have to use this trick. Connor (McGregor) is like a jealous wife. “It’s like a wife who keeps saying she’s going to leave the house, but comes back later,” Namagomidov said.

McGregor announced his retirement three years ago, but not long after, he had a rematch with Nate Diaz. Namagomidov was suspended for six months after defeating McGregor at UFC 229 in October of last year.

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