At the age of 15, a young man named Kazumi Murachi created a small, portable device that captures carbon from the atmosphere. (7) Years later, Kazumi is researching how to convert this captured carbon into fuel.

As a child, Kazumi was not interested in science. But after receiving from his grandfather the children’s novel “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” written by Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy, he became interested in science. Around the age of 10, Kazumi saw the red planet (Mars) and its blue sunset, and was amazed and became a lifelong mission to reach Mars.

Since then, he has been exploring Mars. “I discovered that the Martian atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide gas (95 percent), which is deadly to humans. “If we want to live on Mars, we have to remove carbon dioxide from Mars,” Khazumi said.

He realized that his research into removing carbon from the Martian atmosphere could also help on Earth. Since carbon dioxide is the main cause of the climate crisis, removing it from the air is one way to prevent the crisis, Khazumi said.
In 2015, Kazumi created Hiyassy, ​​a suitcase-sized AI carbon capture device. It was designed to be used at home and office. So everyone, anywhere, can help stop global warming. Hiyassy works by drawing in air and filtering it through an alkaline solution before releasing it back out.

Now, Kazumi is researching the next level of carbon recycling. His Tokyo-based company, the Carbon Recovering Research Agency, is working to create alternative fuels from captured carbon. “Now we are making diesel fuel from carbon dioxide,” Khazumi said. He still has the dream of landing on the red planet.

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