A 3-year-old boy named Darshan has made his parents proud by breaking world records with his talent. Darshan is from India. Hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu, he recently broke the record and was listed in the International Book of Records. This child was able to distinguish the flags of 197 countries in 4.40 minutes. In recognition of Darshan’s talent, The International Book of Records awarded him an award as well as Kalam’s World Records.

Regarding Darshan’s success, his mother Sasiriha said, “In addition to education, parents should also focus on teaching their children various life skills. I got to know Darshan’s abilities. 2 weeks later I asked him about the flags of every country in the world as if playing a game. He was able to do this well with me. Now my son has broken an international record with this skill and I am very happy. We are very proud. “Every parent should watch their children and support their talents,” he said proudly.

Darshan is currently attending the Nursery Program at a private preschool.

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