Eat Stop Eating is an innovative new weight loss book written by dietitian Brad Pilon. In numerous respects, Brad’s program differs from the majority of conventional weight loss plans. The majority of popular diets and regimens now emphasize techniques like as calorie shifting and calorie, carbohydrate, and fat counting. Many are intricate, impossible to follow, or include eating foods you despise, preparing elaborate meals, or eating five to six times every day. Eat Stop Eat is anything but.

The diet consists primarily on intermittent fasting and strength exercise. There are no difficult meals or calorie counting, and you can select your fasting day according to your schedule.

The majority of individuals believe that fasting is counterproductive to weight loss due to its negative impact on the body’s metabolic rate. This is entirely accurate for long-term fasting. Brad’s program entails short-term fasting (one day per week), which is scientifically proven to promote weight loss. Short durations of fasting do not cause the metabolism to slow down and, when combined with exercise, are extremely useful for fat loss. During the fasting phase, it is recommended to consume large quantities of water, low-calorie beverages, and black coffee.

The other essential component of Eat Stop Eat is strength training. It is essential that you adhere to the regimen precisely, including the exercise portion. Fasting once each week without physical activity is ineffective.

As long as you adhere to the eating plan correctly, which is quite easy to do, you WILL lose weight. Brad Pilon has conducted substantial study on this technique and made it very easy to understand and implement.

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