With so many options to make money from home, it’s important to maintain vigilance prior to entering into any particular contract. This is perhaps the reason why so many questions surround the Motor Club of America (MCA). Before jumping on the money-making bandwagon, it is prudent to investigate the company’s offerings in further detail, as there are a multitude of viewpoints regarding its nature.

Since 1926, the company has provided roadside assistance and insurance. It reaches out to the general population in Canada and the United States to provide their members’ services and perks. The membership plans offered by the company protect members in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the road or at home. This protection includes emergency road services, emergency benefits, personal accident coverage, savings on prescription pharmaceuticals, and discounts on eye and dental care services.

It is essential to highlight, however, that this organization is in no manner an auto insurance provider, but rather a supplement to help members with ordinary life problems not covered by regular auto insurance policies. The benefits can be obtained for minimum fees of 33 cents each day or $9.95 per month. The organization has years of experience and, as a result, provides outstanding customer service and a variety of service options to suit individual requirements. Members covered by MCA feel better at ease knowing that assistance is available in the event of an emergency. Membership is an excellent supplement to your existing coverage.

How it operates

Those who join the marketing program earn money by selling auto-owner memberships. The referral program offers commissions for each successful member enrollment. It offers affiliate marketing chances to anyone that are interested. Commissions are increased proportionally to sales volume. After joining the club, the next stage is to identify other people interested in joining so that you can earn a commission for each successful membership you bring in, so recouping your membership fee and generating additional income.

Affiliation Services

MCA provides its members with a variety of services based on the coverage plans they have selected. The following services are available to members of the company.

Roadside emergency help

Urgent expenditures and travel

Towing companies

Discounts on legal services for moving infractions, vehicular homicide, battery, and auto assault.

Legal services for any auto accident-related injuries and property damage

Traveling and tourism-related services

$5,000 in prizes for stolen vehicles and $500 in awards for stolen ranch and farm equipment

Key medallion in the scheme for returning misplaced keys

Membership identification card

Auto decal and dental, prescription, and vision discounts

Discounts on hotel, motel, and rental cars

Joining the MCA program allows you to work from home with the sole responsibility of recruiting new members so you can begin earning money.

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